Poptip Joins Palantir

We have some exciting news today so I’ll cut to the chase – Poptip will be joining Palantir beginning August 1.


Two years ago I made the decision to leave my senior year of undergrad at Notre Dame and found Poptip. I remember signing our first customer 2 months later and am now proud to say that Poptip works with nearly 60 brands – many of whom are among the Fortune 500 or some of the most prominent media brands in the world. The Poptip team has worked tirelessly to develop innovative technology that helps commercial companies process unstructured conversation data. And we’ve been fortunate enough to help quantify the voices of hundreds of millions of people through our products. Our work at Poptip was our first foray in real time data analysis. But we know we still have so much room to innovate and grow, and Palantir gives us the resources to do just that.

The ethos of our companies are highly aligned. Just as Poptip set out to transform the ways that companies use social conversation data, so too Palantir started with the intention to transform the way organizations use all of their data. Palantir’s work spans government, commercial, and non-profit. The company also prides itself on its strong work ethic that fuels its long term vision– just as we do here at Poptip.

At Palantir, we will continue to build innovative products for data analysis in the commercial sector that will be transformational for industries. Over the past two years Poptip has developed deep relationships with respected brands and has gained invaluable insight into their needs. We’re thrilled to be able to continue building products to help these companies as part of the growing Palantir team here in New York.

I’d also like to extend a truly heartfelt thank you to my team who is a second family, to our early customers especially our first believer Darren Rovell of ESPN, all of our investors and angels including Lerer Ventures, RSE Ventures, and David Tisch, our advisors including Emil Michael and Jared Hecht, and to the team at Brew Media Relations. Thank you all so much for the support; we are excited for the road ahead and what the team has left to accomplish.

Looking forward, 

Kelsey Falter // Founder, Poptip

2014 MLB All Star Game: Derek Jeter’s Final Appearance

Using Zipline, we analyzed conversation on Twitter about the 2014 All Star Game for 30 hours from 7/14/2014-7/15/2014 to understand key drivers of conversation around the event.

During this time, the All Star Game was mentioned over 105K times. 

Derek Jeter dominated the conversation with over 5,000 mentions of the phrase “last all star game.”

  • People tweeted to thank Jeter for his contribution to baseball, using the hashtags #farewellcaptain, #RE2PECT, and referring to him as a #legend
  • Fans were sad that this was his last game, with another top phrase being "I can’t believe it’s Jeter’s last All Star game."

"Best All Star Game" was also mentioned over 350 times in conversation showing popular public opinion that this year’s game was the best in history. There was also a lot of conversation around how the MLB All Star Game is the best out of any sport.

The Home Run Derby was mentioned over 1200 times, the majority of Tweets comparing player’s performances in the two back-to-back events.

  • Yasiel Puig was frequently mentioned within this conversation, as he had no homers in the derby and 3 strike outs in the All Star Game 


#TheBachelorette Hometown Dates: Chris the Farmer the New Fan Favorite on Twitter

Using Zipline, we analyzed conversation on Twitter during last night’s episode of The Bachelorette on ABC.

Chris the farmer was the strong favorite on Twitter during last night’s episode, with viewers tweeting how much they love him and that Andi is crazy if she doesn’t pick him. Josh, who was the most popular contestant on Twitter during the season premiere, dropped to third most-discussed last night.

2 out of the final 3 contestants vying for Andi’s heart were in the top 5 most-discussed contestants on Twitter during the season premiere: Josh and Chris.


Conversation about Chris and his big green tractor dominated the Bachelorette discussion last night. Viewers also expressed frustration that Nick got a rose while Marcus was sent packing, but tweeted their hopes that Marcus would be the next Bachelor.


500K Tweets Analyzed: Andrew Wiggins and Marcus Smart top-discussed players during NBA Draft

Using Zipline, we analyzed conversation on Twitter around the NBA Draft. Almost 500,000 Tweets mentioned the draft during the live broadcast from 7pm ET - 12am ET on 6/26/14.

The NBA drafting Isaiah Austin was one of the top conversation points, with fans sharing their opinions that it was a “classy move by the NBA.”

Other top discussion points on Twitter included who fans’ favorite player in the draft was, and who they thought the best player was. Fans also debated the biggest “steal” of the draft, mentioning players like Cleanthony Early and KJ McDaniels.


Andrew Wiggins, Marcus Smart, and Shabazz Napier were the top-discussed players during the draft.



Breakfast the most-discussed QSR meal category on Twitter

Using Zipline, we analyzed public conversation on Twitter about the QSR industry for 48 hours from 5/15/14 - 5/17/14 to identify key drivers of conversation.

Breakfast was the most-discussed meal category on Twitter when consumers talked about QSR brands. Consumers talked about breakfast 4.5x more than dinner and 3x more than lunch in the conversation.

  • Taco Bell breakfast was the most-discussed QSR breakfast offering in the conversation.
  • McDonald’s breakfast was the second most-discussed QSR breakfast offering. In most cases, no description was even deemed necessary — the majority of the Tweets just said “McDonald’s breakfast” with at least one emoticon expressing how much they loved it.

McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Chipotle were the top three most-discussed QSR brands overall during the time frame.


Consumers frequently expressed purchase intent and desire for QSR products in the moment, indicating opportunity for brands to capitalize on these moments and increase frequency of product consumption, for example by distributing offers and deals to these consumers.

  • 168 people tweeted that they had “never been to Chipotle,” but the majority of these consumers wanted to try it.
  • “Starbucks sounds so good” and “need some Starbucks” were common phrases mentioned hundreds of times.
  • “Craving Taco Bell” was mentioned 150 times.

Accurate prediction is worth tweeting about for music streaming services

Using Zipline, we analyzed public conversation on Twitter about music streaming services including Pandora, Spotify, and SoundCloud for 72 hours to identify key drivers of conversation among music consumers.

Pandora was mentioned 1.4x more often than Spotify on Twitter during the 72 hour time frame of the analysis. 

  • When Pandora was mentioned, it was likely to be referenced as “my [genre] Pandora,” for instance: “my country Pandora.”
  • The top phrase about Pandora was about “Pandora being on point,” suggesting that accurate prediction is worth tweeting about. 
Conversation about ads was present for both Spotify and Pandora.
  • 1.2% of Tweets about Spotify mentioned ads
  • 2.3% of Tweets about Pandora mentioned ads.
While only 1.6% of all Tweets that mentioned #nowplaying during the timeframe also mentioned Spotify, the #nowplaying share functionality on Spotify generated 28% of all Tweets about Spotify. 

The types of music discussed in relation to specific music streaming services also differed. Spotify users tweeted about mainstream artists and tracks, while SoundCloud users tweeted about undiscovered artists and tracks. 

For more information on Zipline data and reports, reach out to contact@poptip.com.

24 Hour Analysis: How consumers talk about Pop-Tarts on Twitter

Using Zipline, we analyzed public conversation on Twitter about Pop-Tarts for 24 hours to understand key drivers of conversation about the brand.

Over 4,000 unique Tweets were sent mentioning Pop-Tarts during this 24 hour time frame. Breakfast was the most-mentioned time of day associated with Pop-Tarts consumption. 


Consumers provided insight into several new brand opportunities, including Double-Stuffed Pop-Tarts and Pop-Tart at-home mixes.  

Pop-Tarts consumers commonly used strongly positive language when discussing specific Pop-Tart flavors, indicating that Pop-Tarts has very loyal brand advocates. Consumers used language like “chocolate peanut butter Pop-Tarts are life” and “I operate on strawberry Pop-Tarts.” 

Strawberry, peanut butter, and blueberry were the most frequently mentioned flavors on Twitter.


Consumers commonly discussed rituals about how they prepare their Pop-Tarts. This indicates an opportunity for Pop-Tarts to focus on product rituals in messaging to encourage a stronger attachment to the brand and more frequent consumption of its products. 

Specific rituals mentioned by consumers included:

  • Putting peanut butter on unfrosted Pop-Tarts
  • Putting peanut butter in between two chocolate Pop-Tarts
  • Eating frozen Pop-Tarts
  • Making ice cream sandwiches with Pop-Tarts

The frosted vs. unfrosted debate was a common thread of conversation as well, with 54 unique mentions.


For more information on Zipline data and reports, reach out to contact@poptip.com.

Conversation about Oreo comprised 65% of all Tweets about Mondelez brands

Using Zipline, we analyzed public conversation on Twitter and Instagram about the CPG food industry for 72 hours from 5/5/14 - 5/8/14 to understand key drivers of conversation.

Of the CPG food brands analyzed*, Oreo was the most talked-about on Twitter overall during the time frame.

  • 3 of the most-discussed food brands on Twitter included Oreo, Cheetos, and Doritos.


Consumption habits of CPG food products were definitely worth tweeting about for social consumers, with consumers regularly tweeting that they were either currently eating specific products or wanted to eat specific products. They also shared behavioral details of how they interact with certain products, for example by sharing the quantity of certain products that they would consume in one sitting.

Ben and Jerry’s consumers frequently shared these behavioral details, commenting that they would eat the entire pint or tub of the product in X amount of time.

They also almost always mentioned a specific flavor when talking about the brand, with “Half Baked” the most popular flavor among consumers on Twitter.


Cereal brands were popular product lines to tweet about for consumers, with cereal brands highly mentioned across many of the CPG food companies analyzed. Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops were the most popular Kellogg’s cereal brands on Twitter.


Impact of CPG Television Ads on Social Consumers

Only 3 CPG food brands’ television commercials got consumers talking on Twitter during the time frame, but none of the 3 were the most highly talked-about brands on Twitter overall of those analyzed.

  1. Cheerios
  2. Velveeta
  3. Kit Kat

You can access the full Poptip CPG food industry report here.

*CPG food brands analyzed included PepsiCo brands, Mondelez brands, Kraft brands, Mars brands, Kellogg’s brands, General Mills brands, Nestle brands, and Unilever brands.


80K Tweets analyzed: Josh M. the most popular Bachelorette contestant on Twitter

Using Zipline, we analyzed conversation around the premiere of The Bachelorette Season 10 on ABC. Almost 80,000 Tweets were sent talking about the show during the live premiere from 9:30pm ET - 11:00pm ET.

Josh M., Marquel, Chris, Marcus, and Patrick were the most popular contestants on Twitter during last night’s premiere.


Viewers commonly shared their opinions of the men on Season 10, saying “these guys are X,” with popular descriptors varying from “weird” to “hot” to “ridiculous.” Another top-discussed moment was Marquel giving Andi, the Bachelorette, a cookie tasting and mentioning that the “love of [his] life right now is cookies.”

There were also over 2,000 mentions of Eric Hill, with viewers expressing their condolences and sharing their affection for him.


Much of the conversation about top contestant Josh M. centered around the fact that he is the brother of former UGA QB Aaron Murray. 

Time will tell if The Bachelorette season premiere’s top 5 on Twitter accurately predict the winner!

#Fashion and #NYC: The top brand associations with #Macys on Instagram

Using Zipline, we analyzed public conversation on Twitter and Instagram about Macy’s and the department store industry from 5/7/14 - 5/8/14 to understand key drivers of conversation.

Fashion and NYC were top brand associations with Macy’s on Instagram.

  • 13.5% of all posts tagged #Macys were also tagged #fashion.
  • 11.6% of all posts tagged #Macys were also tagged #nyc, and 6.6% were tagged #newyork.


Gucci, Michael Kors, and Chanel were the top 3 brands associated with Macy’s on Instagram.


On Twitter, we analyzed all Tweets about Macy’s that excluded links in order to understand the raw conversation happening about the brand.
  • There were almost 1,000 Tweets about Macy’s that did not contain links within the 24-hour time frame, or ~42 Tweets per hour that mentioned the brand.

The Macy’s jewelry commercial for Mother’s Day was a commonly discussed topic of conversation with 28 unique Tweets about the commercial in the 24 hour period, with the general consensus being that it was “the best ever”; “so cute”; “super creative”; “so funny.”

Macy’s was the most-mentioned department store brand on Twitter out of an analysis of 25 department store brands. Macy’s was mentioned 1.6x more than Nordstrom on Twitter (in Tweets without links).


Gifts and gift cards from department stores were worth tweeting about for consumers, with 128 unique Tweets mentioning one of the two.

“Online” was mentioned 42 times in the conversation, indicating that online shopping is worth tweeting about and important for consumers. Many of the Tweets during the time frame discussed excitement that stores like Nordstrom Rack now have online shopping.

20.5% of Tweets about the NFL draft during the live broadcast were about Johnny Manziel

Using Zipline, we analyzed public conversation on Twitter and Instagram about Round 1 of the NFL Draft on 5/8/14 to understand the main drivers of conversation about the event.

Leading up to the draft, Johnny Manziel dominated the conversation on Twitter.

  • 7% of all Tweets in the NFL draft conversation in the three hours leading up to the 8pm ET broadcast were about Johnny Manziel

During the live broadcast of the draft (8pm ET - 11:45pm ET), Manziel conversation picked up even more.

  • 20.5% of all Tweets in the NFL draft conversation were about Johnny Manziel
  • 16.7% of all Instagram posts tagged #NFLDraft were also tagged with a Manziel-specific hashtag


The Texans were the most-talked about team leading up to the Draft, mentioned in 3% of all Tweets about the draft. The Browns were the most-talked about team during the Draft, mentioned in 5% of all Tweets about the draft.


2.5% of pre-draft Tweets discussed the walk-up music that the players were able to choose for the first time during the draft. Only 0.62% of live draft Tweets mentioned the music.

QB, corner, and safety were the top positions discussed during the draft.


Xbox and Buffalo Wild Wings were the two of the most-talked about brands on both Twitter and Instagram within the NFL Draft conversation.

In the pre-draft conversation:

  • Xbox was mentioned 256 times on Twitter, with NFL fans discussing their excitement to be able to stream the live Draft through their Xbox via the NFL app
  • Buffalo Wild Wings was mentioned 151 times in the Twitter conversation as a popular venue at which to watch the Draft

In the live draft conversation:

  • Xbox was mentioned 234 more times on Twitter, and #XboxOne was tagged 14 times on Instagram when #NFLDraft was tagged with images shared of Xbox consoles connected to TV screens playing the draft
  • #BuffaloWildWings was tagged 22 times on Instagram, and #BWW 24 times, when #NFLDraft was tagged, with images shared of fans in their jerseys at the restaurant

#BMW, #Audi, #Ferrari the top 3 auto brand hashtags on Instagram in the #car conversation

Using Zipline, we analyzed public conversation on Twitter and Instagram about the auto industry for 48 hours from 4/22/14 - 4/24/14 to identify key drivers of conversation.

Ford was the most-discussed auto brand overall in the Twitter conversation. On Instagram, BMW was the most-discussed auto brand in the #car conversation, and Chevrolet was the most-discussed auto brand in the #truck conversation.

The most talked-about 2015 car models among consumers on Twitter included the 2015 Ford Bronco, the 2015 Nissan Murano, and the 2015 Ford Mustang.


Consumers commonly discussed where they were in the car buying process on Twitter, frequently mentioning their purchase intent to buy a new car or look into a new car. Time-sensitive details like “today,” “tomorrow,” and “this weekend” were often included. “Getting a new car” was the most frequently used phrase expressing intent to purchase.


On Instagram, consumers typically tagged specific brands with their auto industry posts.

BMW, Audi, and Ferrari were the top 3 auto brand hashtags used on Instagram when #car was also a tag.

  • #BMW was tagged in 5.5% of all Instagram posts tagged with #car. 


Kia, Ford, and Toyota had the highest brand campaign awareness on Twitter

Kia’s television commercial was the only auto brand commercial that was discussed in the conversation on Twitter. There were 36 mentions of “Blake Griffin Kia” and 20 mentions of “Blake Griffin Kia commercial,” with the general consensus that it was a humorous spot.

Campaign slogans from Ford and Toyota were both in the top phrases, with “Built Ford Tough” mentioned 88 times, and “Toyota ‘Get Going’” mentioned 26 times.

You can access the full report on the 48-hour analysis here.