Introducing Zipline for Instagram

The relationship between brands and their customers is evolving, forcing brands to rethink how they understand their customers and where they gather consumer insights. Today, understanding consumer opinions of products and issues means breaking down the visual and textual conversation happening on social networks.

With 82% of women between the ages of 18 and 34 posting about new products and services on social media, and 68% of social media users between the ages of 18 and 34 making purchase decisions after seeing a friend’s post, it is critical that brands understand social consumers.

That’s why today, we are excited to announce the launch of Zipline for Instagram.

Zipline for Instagram breaks down tagging trends on Instagram, allowing brands to understand how consumers discover and relate to their product category.

Hashtags on Instagram are the gateway to organic discovery and are the only method for discovering topic-based content on Instagram. Zipline helps brands better align themselves with consumers by tagging their content in a more authentic way, giving brands a customer-centric approach to identifying how consumers categorize and discover their products.

With over 60,000 comments per minute and over 55 million photos being uploaded each day, Instagram has seen the fastest growth, most engagement, and highest conversion from browser to shopper. The Instagram integration builds on our Zipline for Twitter product, a conversation analysis product that instantly identifies common phrases and opinions from the crowd about any topic on Twitter.

The L’Oréal portfolio of brands is the first to be piloting Zipline for Instagram.

Our founder and CEO was the recipient of the L’Oréal Women in Digital award in 2013, and has been working with Rachel Weiss, VP of Digital Strategy and Innovation at L’Oréal, on the L’Oréal brands’ approach to social commerce on Twitter and Instagram. By utilizing Zipline for Instagram, L’Oréal brands can ensure their content is discoverable when Instagram users want to explore beauty on Instagram.

“The question for us is, how can we continuously improve the customer’s experience when interacting with our products?” Rachel said. “As customers interact with social networks like Instagram, you learn information like how our customers expect to discover beauty, how they prefer to shop, and what beauty trends they care about right now. The whole point for us with our social strategy is you can touch a customer at any point within the customer’s decision journey, and we want to ensure our customers can easily discover a look from one of our brands when they are browsing beauty on Instagram.”

How does it work?

Instagram Ziplines are “opened” through the Poptip platform by entering a hashtag or set of hashtags for a product category, brand, or topic that you want to understand. Zipline then analyzes the text of all photos and videos that contain those hashtags. Relevant photos and videos, along with other commonly mentioned hashtags, will be returned on your Zipline dashboard in real time.

For example, if Essie nail polish opens a Zipline on #Essie and #manicure, Zipline will pull in all photos and videos that are being posted with that hashtag, while also identifying that people are commonly using #glitter, #nailart, and #tutorial in that conversation as well.

Understand dynamic tagging trends for organic discovery

Poptip highlights real time trends around tagging. By contrasting these trends with trends in how a brand is tagging their own content, Poptip enables brands to better position themselves for discoverability.

Understand what media is being posted about your brand

Brands can use Zipline for Instagram to understand how people are talking about their brand, or any topic, on Instagram — as well as to stay on top of emerging trends. Additionally, Zipline makes Instagram embed codes immediately accessible so you can integrate Instagram photos into content in a matter of seconds.

Brands can use Zipline for Instagram to:

  • understand the visual conversation relevant to their brand category
  • see how often their brand relates to a specific topic
  • see what other topics their brand is associated with
  • see what other brands their brand is associated with
  • understand what hashtags to use to make content discoverable to target audiences
  • competitive intelligence
  • understanding the social consumer voice

To find out how you can get in on the action, just send us a note at and check out the live demo of Zipline for Instagram here!

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