Poptip Joins Palantir

We have some exciting news today so I’ll cut to the chase – Poptip will be joining Palantir beginning August 1.


Two years ago I made the decision to leave my senior year of undergrad at Notre Dame and found Poptip. I remember signing our first customer 2 months later and am now proud to say that Poptip works with nearly 60 brands – many of whom are among the Fortune 500 or some of the most prominent media brands in the world. The Poptip team has worked tirelessly to develop innovative technology that helps commercial companies process unstructured conversation data. And we’ve been fortunate enough to help quantify the voices of hundreds of millions of people through our products. Our work at Poptip was our first foray in real time data analysis. But we know we still have so much room to innovate and grow, and Palantir gives us the resources to do just that.

The ethos of our companies are highly aligned. Just as Poptip set out to transform the ways that companies use social conversation data, so too Palantir started with the intention to transform the way organizations use all of their data. Palantir’s work spans government, commercial, and non-profit. The company also prides itself on its strong work ethic that fuels its long term vision– just as we do here at Poptip.

At Palantir, we will continue to build innovative products for data analysis in the commercial sector that will be transformational for industries. Over the past two years Poptip has developed deep relationships with respected brands and has gained invaluable insight into their needs. We’re thrilled to be able to continue building products to help these companies as part of the growing Palantir team here in New York.

I’d also like to extend a truly heartfelt thank you to my team who is a second family, to our early customers especially our first believer Darren Rovell of ESPN, all of our investors and angels including Lerer Ventures, RSE Ventures, and David Tisch, our advisors including Emil Michael and Jared Hecht, and to the team at Brew Media Relations. Thank you all so much for the support; we are excited for the road ahead and what the team has left to accomplish.

Looking forward, 

Kelsey Falter // Founder, Poptip

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